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Minibus Hire Cambridge

Minibus Hire Cambridge is such a great way to travel,  because it is a utility vehicle that could serve more than one purpose, and it actually comes at a reasonable price these days. Although it is originally for carrying passengers, the size makes it a nice family ride too.

Minibuses are used greatly by both the private individuals, firms and corporations and government-owned institutions. They are used as tour buses, by sports outfits or for spot purposes, hospital vehicles and also as public means of transportation.

They are sometimes rebuilt to suit the specifications of the owner or intending owner by maybe increasing the capacity of passengers they can carry and other times they are made into a completely different kind of vehicle. It’s all about what the person or people that own it want.


Minibus Hire Cambridge  vehicles are sort of hybrid vehicles made sometimes with large passenger carrying capacity in mind and there are two main classifications, all generally having extra seat capacity added from the original vans minibuses are made from. They are…

  • Van conversions
  • Body builds


Minibus Hire Cambridge are majorly born out of the conversion of a van design that is already in existence. The conversion basically is the adding of windows to the bodywork and more seats to the cargo area. Conversions are sometimes completed to the latter stage by Van manufacturing companies or specialist companies who are into converting Vans from a good base model suitable for minibuses. Some examples of vans with good base for minibuses used in the conversion are Mercedes-Benz sprinter, Ford Transit, etc.


This is yet another pattern of constructing minibuses, and it involves specialist minibus companies or bus manufacturing companies building a body that would fit suitably on the chassis of a light truck or a semi-completed van. This could be known as “body on chassis” approach and it makes for space and ultimate comfort of passengers. Some of the minibuses made this way are Busette, Plaxton Beaver, and they are built from the likes of Ford Transit, Freight Rover and Isuzu Elf.


For the fact that minibuses are built to house a great number of passengers comfortably, it is predominantly inclined towards public transportation usage. Not totally though, because private firms and companies sometimes use it a staff bus, schools use it as a school and all what not.

They could also be used privately by individuals with large family members who always have one place to go or another.

As means of public transportation, their size and seat capacity are maximised fully because conveying more people means making more money.

In Cambridge Town, a small town located somewhere in England, where public transportation as means of revenue generation is encouraged with the constructions of roads, colleges and its historical importance, getting a minibus hire in Cambridge might be a good idea.
Questions might be asked as to where one can find Cambridge coach for hire, but it is a known fact that when a business opportunity presents itself, means always tend to roll out from all corners.

You could get used vans in Cambridge at knock off prices and send them to one of those specialist companies to build your minibus just the way you want it, you could even ask for it to be designed in a unique way only you would have in the whole of Britain. That’s the beauty of redesigning a vehicle with the help of specialists in conversion of vehicles, as it is always converted to you own particular thirst.